We're changing the game and introducing young minority girls to S.T.E.M.
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Hey there! I’m Ameka Ali, children’s book author, holistic health practitioner, entrepreneur, vibrating higher each day, a strong advocate for embracing ancient practices that help us attune to well being, our soul, our spirit, our Higher Self.


My inspiration for creating Ameka Love©™ was to fill in the huge gap in the representation of multiple nationalities in children’s books and media. Jumping head first into the entrepreneurial pursuit of developing content that would bring together some of my greatest passions, cartoons, science, books, and activism my husband and I created the flagship character, Ameka Love©™ for our literary organization, Higher Mind Apps©™.


I’m a Houston native but have lived all over America and overseas.  In my former reality, I worked for several Federal Agencies spending the majority of my career at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). I’m a proud HBCU alumna of Hampton University, I have an Executive Masters in Public Administration from Golden Gate University, a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, yoga instructor & vegan foodie.



The charming 6-year-old, science wiz inviting young women along on her amazing science adventures.

“If no characters in books look like you, your sense of self-worth is diminished.” Ali explained in a feature interview with Black Enterprise.


Through the picture book series and narrated picture book apps Ameka Love empowers young women from 3-7 years of age with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education, YOGA, and meditation to help cultivate their science skills. In addition, the apps promote self-love as well as love for the possibilities of their life. Ameka Love represents the female heroine that has been missing from youth literature.


The Stats? Only 37% of children’s literature has a female heroine as the lead. Less than 6% of children’s literature has diverse nationalities.


Wanting to show that girls can win in science as future professionals and as kinder, self-aware young ladies, I believe that if you know science resides in every part of life, it affects your life in positive ways. From hiking for gemstones to balancing chakras, science can reveal the connection between you, others, and the universe. So how does Ameka Love tackle this?



Yoga, Meditation, Math, Natural Sciences, Art


Making science exciting, inspirational, and powerful for young girls is the goal. With STEM fields being widely thought of as the key to future success, starting our girls out early through apps, books, and cartoons like Ameka Love can be the driving factor in diversifying STEM fields.


As millennial mothers usher in the next generation of bright little girls, it’s time to take control of the narrative and remove the veil over math and science for young ladies. It’s imperative these girls know that science is not something they need to get into, science is something they need to understand because they are in IT everyday. There is a science to everything! In many ways, the future depends on it.



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